am i m.i.a?

I think, yes, I am. I went from posting at least 3 posts each day to none at all. That's too bad. Lately, the internet connection in my house has been so slooooooww... It takes a big deal of time to just create one post. Also, I've been lacking sleep this week, so last night I went to bed earlier than ever. I think I fell asleep at around 9.30pm, just like the good ol' days when I was in high school (oh, memory...)

Today, I went to Mr Boyfriend's badminton practice (forgot to take pics, sorry) and then I had EWC's weekly meeting. Next week, I'm gonna give a presentation about Scrabble. And talking about Scrabble, I forgot to tell you that I have been assigned as the coordinator of Scrabble Competition in this year's AECS (remember last year's?), so I think I'm gonna be busy, busy, busy.

Until then, I'll try my best on keeping up with this tiny little blog of mine. I will also find another ISP. IM2 is so unreliable! I know I'm using the cheapest packet, but the speed isn't even half of what they are promising!

And, I want to thank Leelee from Just Because by Leelee for following me (You're my 10th follower, girl. Congratulations! =D). Yesterday (or a few days ago?), she posted some kind of giveaway on her blog. I am one of the six winners. I am obliged to post a giveaway too, but I'm still thinking about what to give to you guys. So, just stick with this blog and keep checking out.

Aaand... last but not least! Since I hate blog posts without any image, here it is, my already sleeping little sister. I think I have to go to bed too. Bye! *jump to my bed*


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