what's in my bag

Inspired by this and this, today I'd like to show you what's (usually) in my bag.

  1. The Bathe-the-Elephant Bag. I bought this bag at an accessories store in MTC (now MIM) for just IDR65,000.
  2. A manual fan. I found this in a classroom. No one claimed it. Hehe
  3. Si Neng. My HP Mini. My best friend. My assistant. My saviour. My everything! =D
  4. A pencil case, complete with pens, pencil, eraser, markers, stabillo, type-x, scissors, post-its, flashdisks, small mirror, and two IDR500 coins.
  5. Notebook, Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary, and An Introduction to Sociolinguistics textbook. I am an English education major. They're my usual stuffs. Haha
  6. A pair of eyeglasses and a bone-shaped case. I love my glasses case! I won it from a quiz held by an ice cream company. It's very unique and people smile at it! =D
  7. A Teddy Milk wallet. It's 'the one who got away just to come back for more'. Haha! Remember when I told you that I lost it and then I got it back? =]
  8. Sony Ericsson W508. My soulmate. I literally can't live without it.
  9. Paseo facial travel pack. In my small circle of friend, I'm known as the tissue box girl, because I carry it around, so people can ask for it anytime. =|
  10. Keys. My house's, my motorcycle's, and Mr Boyfriend's.
  11. Band aid.
  12. Buscopan Plus. Because I have a stomachache schedule each month.
  13. Coin purse.
  14. A small plastic bag. (Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? :p)
  15. Badges. I don't know why I carry them around. I just do.
  16. Pink mukenah (I forgot to put the number on it. Oops!). It's a kind of cloak I wear when I do the prayer.
So, what's in your bag?


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