today is the day after yesterday

Okay. The title is stupid, I know. I just want to tell you a few things happened in my life today =]

Generally, today was pretty good. I started the day by being mad at Mr Boyfriend because he didn't buy me some bread (childish, I know. But I was craving for bread!) and then I had lunch at KFC with him. That was when I recorded this:

Haha. He's so silly! And things got even funnier when he ordered a 'deluks' burger and the cashier corrected him by saying 'dilaks'. I cracked up.

After having lunch with him, he went to his hometown and I had to attend a meeting at my campus. The meeting ended at circa 4.30pm and I end up here in Entin's room. She is ill. Her eyes are puffy I can barely see them (:p). Kachiew came around and she started talking about her hair. She said that she wondered what if she had her hair 'rasta-styled'. Entin didn't know what the heck 'rasta-styled' was and Kachiew explained it by saying "It's that 'hey man' style!" I cracked up once again.

My day was back to being average again. I like that. Hope everything goes well. Hope Mr Boyfriend is good there. Hope Entin gets well soon. Hope Kachiew's hair is back to good again.



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