look at the right side of my blog!

Can you see this picture?

That's the button of my new blog, The Little Voice in My Head. Do you know that I love writing silly things like poems and short stories? Well, LVMH will be filled by those writings. If you've been reading my Facebook notes, you might like the blog because I'll be posting similar things there. I might also stop writing notes in Facebook in the near future, but I'm still not sure.

You might've been aware of the blog's URL. It's 'keepsechoinginmymind'. I was going to use 'echoinginmymind', because it's shorter and I like it much better. But the URL is taken =[. And the worst part is that the blog using the URL is EMPTY!


Anyhow, ladies and gentlemen, if you have spare time, please visit the blog and write feedbacks for some of my writings there. Thank you! =]


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