invading unpad

Today, I went to Unpad Dipati Ukur to see Mr Boyfriend's debating competition. Unpad Dipati Ukur is also the campus of my crazy older-but-smaller unbiological sister, Mijra. Here are some pictures.

I met him, watched him debating, and eating some Oreos while he was on a break

And then I met this girl

And then she took me to a food stall, told me that this menu is delicious. Just when my order arrived, she told me that it's extremely spicy. Blah! I didn't eat the whole portion. I loathe spicy food! And she laughed. Ugh... X(

And then I found these stupidities. Haha

So, how was your Saturday?


PS. Look at the bunny-shaped rice on my plate. Hilarious, isn't it? Haha...

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