i don't need bestfriends

25 Feb 2011

It took me exactly 19 years. 3 months, and 30 days to realise that I have never ever had bestfriends in my life. No friends stay long enough for me to call them 'bestfriends'. Not a single person.

But, indeed, I have these people I don't call bestfriends.

I call them

Because blood is always thicker than water.

I love you guys.


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  1. Hey pudar!
    It's been long time since I begin to comment someone's note. Do you know? Recently, I usually read your blog. Haha XD

    I just want to see what's in your mind. Scrolling down and reading every pages make my knowledge wider. Sorry, if I always come late (late to know something)hha XP

    By the way, I like this note very much. It makes me realize too. Although we've passed bad days before, but we're still together.hhe X)

    Thanks for coming to my life. You all are people whom I can't forget.. X*

  2. hi there, mira! welcome to my dull blog =]

    i am so lucky to have you guys as my sisters! =]


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