grammar's drama


I bet my friends know very well that I am such an annoying grammar police. People may think that I am a little-miss-know-it-all. But, really, every grammar mistake annoys me! And those people in Facebook and Twitter keep typing things like "I'm waiting you", "let's rocking", "I'm doubt", "I'm love you", etc. Everytime I read things like that, I really want to cross them and write the right word!

It's not like I'm better in English than them. I make mistake too (I'm a human being after all!) I'm sorry, people. I'll reduce it little by little. And maybe you could learn more grammar, please? I mean, just to avoid people like me? Well then, let's be friends again! =]


PS. Yes, guys. I've seen that there's a misspell in the poster. But it's the artist's work, so let's just let it be =]

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