dear you. yes, you... over there. can you hear me? good... good...

27 Feb 2011

I know you don't like it if I rant on the internet about how frustated I am. I know you've asked me a million times to stop tweeting and facebooking. I know. But, let's look at us right now. If I didn't ramble here, how could you know there was something wrong with me? You apologised, said you were sorry for neglecting me today. I said that it was okay, but that didn't mean that you could neglect me again! Look, I know you're sad and down and stressed and tired and frustated today, but why couldn't you just text me? Just send me a simple text, for God's sake! Tell me where you are, what you're doing, how your feeling is, anything! I've put myself into great agony today, pretending to be as mature as you want me to be. I didn't get mad when you didn't tell me what happened with your life this afternoon. All I'm asking for is news from you. And if I told you this, you would tell me to grow up.



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