about writing this blog

A friend added me to my college's blogger community group on Facebook. I read the wall posts and saw people's blog. I suddenly felt like a kinda alien there. Everyone seems to have a good informative blog. Someone writes about mathematics, someone else writes about computer programming, there's even a blog about humanity. And here I am, writing a blog about my daily stupidity. I really feel like I don't belong to the group.

Why do I blog, you may ask? It started when I was just a bored high school kid. I remember my very first post was about a rainy afternoon and how I could not go home from a prep course class. The blog was abandoned and had finally been deleted, and then I had this one when I was in my first semester of college. It was an assignment from my lecturer, that everyone had to have a blog and that we had to follow each other. At the end of the semester, I had (yet again) abandoned it for almost a year. Not until I found this blog and this one that I started to maintain this blog again. Inspired by them, I decided to just put an honest representation of my life here in this blog. I write my ups and downs. I write my hopes and fears. I share my loves and my hatreds.

And then I came to a conclusion that this is my blog and that I could write anything I want here. What people put on their blog is their right. There are no good blogs and bad blogs. All you have to do is just write and write (and put some pictures to make it less dull!) Just, do what you love and love what you do.


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