who would've thought that the day i thought would be a good day turned out to be the worst day ever (so far)?

This morning, I started my day by thinking that it would be a fine day. I was going to go on a date with my boyfriend. I wore my new Srikandi t-shirt and he would wear his Gatotkaca one. Morning went into noon, noon into afternoon. Then *pop!*, things fell apart. He had to go somewhere and then I was left alone. Then *pop!*, I lost my wallet. Now I have no money and no ID. I'm clueless. I'm far from the comfort of my bed.

And now I'm scared of what tomorrow might bring.

But it's a part of growing up. In my last year as a teenager, I have had tons of experience. It's good to learn something.

I look at the mirror and see that I am still intact. I am alive. It's okay. I'm okay. I can buy another wallet. I can get new ID cards.

And I still have him. It's so good to have him back.

And I'm thankful because I have my bestest friends with me. Thank you. Thank you.


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