berbalas pantun ala saya dan day

31 Jan 2011

Hari ini, saya sama Day ada wawancara kerja jam 3 sore. Saya yang pada dasarnya rajin ini (apa?) udah standby di kampus sejak jam setengah 12, online sambil masang layout baru buat blog ini (bagus kan? =D). Menjelang jam 3, si Day gak dateng-dateng juga. Saya SMS dia. Dan entah bagaimana, SMS kami akhirnya berubah jadi kayak gini:

Kan mengembalikannya ke bentuk semula
setelah sekian lama menderita
akibat gawean yang durjana

Wah Put, kamu benar sekali
aku harus belajar padamu nanti
tentang makna hidup ini
agar tak sia-sia jika ku mati

Ya sudahlah cepat ke sini
aku sendiri
jangan buat aku menanti
lebih lama lagi

Ah, tunggulah sayang
abang datang
bawa uang

Bawalah uang

Susah payah
abang kejar rupiah
ah perkataanmu bikin sakit
jadi hayang indit

Ya udah sih bang
cepatlah datang
aku di lobi
setia menanti

Baiklah neng
abang tarik ye, ngeeeng

It was pure stupidity.


do you love my new layout? i love it too! =D

I've been digging the internet for the last two hours looking for a new, cute, free template. After downloading and trying on some awesome templates, I finally made my final decision. I love it so much and I'm sure you guys love it too! I got this template from this site. Please enjoy reading my blog and leave comments if you like.


and my wallet is back! =D

30 Jan 2011

Remember my last post about losing my wallet? One night later, some random girl knocked on my door and guess what? SHE BROUGHT MY WALLET!! Thank God it was still in a good condition and every single thing I put in there was still there, even the Rp100 coins. I'm so thankful =]


who would've thought that the day i thought would be a good day turned out to be the worst day ever (so far)?

28 Jan 2011

This morning, I started my day by thinking that it would be a fine day. I was going to go on a date with my boyfriend. I wore my new Srikandi t-shirt and he would wear his Gatotkaca one. Morning went into noon, noon into afternoon. Then *pop!*, things fell apart. He had to go somewhere and then I was left alone. Then *pop!*, I lost my wallet. Now I have no money and no ID. I'm clueless. I'm far from the comfort of my bed.

And now I'm scared of what tomorrow might bring.

But it's a part of growing up. In my last year as a teenager, I have had tons of experience. It's good to learn something.

I look at the mirror and see that I am still intact. I am alive. It's okay. I'm okay. I can buy another wallet. I can get new ID cards.

And I still have him. It's so good to have him back.

And I'm thankful because I have my bestest friends with me. Thank you. Thank you.


we were just struck by boredom

25 Jan 2011

So we made this. Please enjoy... =]


5 things

18 Jan 2011

Today's edition of 5 things is about what I love in the life of a road runner. Let's roll...

{Late night drive}
{Last seconds speeding. Hehe... :p}
{Empty streets}
{Ciwastra in the night}

the "guts"

16 Jan 2011

It's a simple four-letter-word: GUTS. But of course, it's easy to say rather than to act.

Remember the postscript I wrote in my last post? It's not a good news. Mr Boyfriend and I have had this plan since 2010 (dramatic! I mean the past months. LOL). We've planned even the tiniest details. Everything seemed perfect, until it came to the time to ask my parents for permission, and POP! Our guts ran away.

Yes, we didn't have the guts to ask for their permission for our little vacation plan.

It's just nice, cause I like planning things, but making it happen is another thing.


we went celebrating now that the semester is finally (and hopefully) over!! =D

14 Jan 2011

We actually went out for Mira's birthday (which was really on Dec 1), but I could say it was also to celebrate because... *play the drum now*
this semester is over

We still have to find out the result of our finals, though. But yet again... *play the drum once again*
this semester is already over

Can everybody say yay for holidaaaaaaaaayy??? =D


PS. I really hope that (hopefully) I could bring some good and exciting news soon. Very soon. My fingers are crossed! XD

who am i?

13 Jan 2011

Lately, I've been hating myself. I started looking at several girls' pictures and compared myself to them. I started to dress like them. And you know what? I like me better now that I've transformed myself into them. What's wrong with me?


God hath promised us

12 Jan 2011

{Al Inshirah : 6}


just saying...

9 Jan 2011


two days break in-between my finals

8 Jan 2011

Yes. The weekend has finally come, baby. You have my words: I don't study during weekends. Why, you may ask? Because it's the only time in a week that I could breathe.

And besides, if you study for the finals right now, where the hell had you been this whole semester? Drooling in classes? The finals are meant to test what you had learnt in this semester, not what you learn in the night before the finals.

You are supposed to learn something this semester. What are they?


PS. It's actually a self-note for a better life next semester

after ESP

7 Jan 2011

Praise the Lord, for we are through with ESP! =D


in case i don't blog too much this week...

4 Jan 2011

I'm gonna have my final exam on Friday (1/7), Monday (1/10), and Tuesday (1/11). Yes, it's only 3 days... and yes, it's gonna be hectic. Fortunately, I don't have final for Writing for Academic Purposes (yay!). Yet, I still have the foundations (ESP, Literature, and Translating & Interpreting) which I don't have any idea what they would turn out to be like (noooooo!!).

So, I'll be busy studying this week that I won't blog too much. See you around the corner!


PS. Happy new year! =]