harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1

Two days after saying that I wanted to watch Deathly Hallows, my sister and I went to Braga 21 to watch it. Unfortunately, the tickets were sold out. Only those for 5.30 PM show which were still available. Being the stubborn-die-hard-Harry Potter-fans that we were, we decided to buy it and waited for almost 4 hours before the studio finally opened. But it was worth waiting, though.

I LOVE THE MOVIE. Even though I didn't get the sad part when Dobby died, I really liked the jokes. Especially on the scenes where the trio went to the Ministry. Now, I cannot wait for the second part to release. Come on, 2011!!!

PS. Look at our popcorn! The box was already half-empty before the movie even started yet.


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