my boyfriend and horcruxes: an MLIA moment

As we all know, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming up on Nov 19 (I CAN'T WAIT!) and I'm surely going to watch it twice, or maybe thrice, or any time you guys want to ask me! (I JUST CAN'T WAIT!)

My boyfriend, as sweet as he is, wants me to watch the movie with him. Unfortunately: 1) He's not a hard fan of Harry Potter; 2) He never finishes Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone; 3) He never reads any Harry Potter books; 4) Basically, he doesn't have any idea about the whole story of Harry Potter.

It's my duty to drag him into the magical world. So, today I came to his place and brought Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets DVDs along for us to watch together. Yet, only 3 minutes of Sorcerer's Stone, he decided that he was bored and suggested that he would watch the movies alone. (Yeah, right... *eyes rolled*)

I then changed Sorcerer's Stone with Chamber of Secrets and watched it alone. My boyfriend, having nothing to do, joined me halfway. And then he proceeded to ask me why Voldemort could stay alive through out the series, from book 1 to book 7. So I told him about the horcruxes as some kind of 'memory back-up'.

"He didn't die because a piece of his soul remained in each horcrux. Once all the horcruxes were destroyed, he could be defeated and killed," I said.

"So, if I had a horcrux in a form of a cup, if someone killed me, then I would turn into a cup?" he asked.

"No. You could be beaten or stabbed till you were bleeding, but you wouldn't die. It's because a piece of your soul was still there in a form of a cup. If I destroyed the cup, then I would be able to kill you."

"No. You wouldn't want to kill me."

"Haha! Why wouldn't I wanna kill you?"

"Because I'm your horcrux. There's a piece of your soul inside of me."

And I was like --> (-_-")

He's silly. And I love him =]