being somewhere in between

The results of a quiz say that I am 41% girly. I always know that I'm not really a 'girl', nor am I a tomboy. So, what am I? I'm somewhere in between. Sometimes I like wearing skirts, blouses, flat shoes, dresses, but in another time you may see me wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, jackets. I really can't define myself.

Luckily, people all around me never complain over the way I am. My dad allows me to have short haircut. My mom buys me sneakers. My boyfriends says it's okay as long as I still act like a girl (which I really don't know how :p). My unbiological siblings take advantage of my tomboy's side when it comes to getting rid of spiders or insects.

I'm still 19. Still in college. Still got a plenty of time to define myself. Still got a year left in my teenage life. I'm gonna make the most of it =]


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