i want to watch deathly hallows!!!

19 Nov 2010



5 greatest things in life

5. Successfully taking a huge dump

4. Eating your favourite food

3. Finding those things you thought you lost
2. Passing important exams (UN, SNMPTN, or CPNS)
1. Loving someone who loves you back =]


i want new clothes

18 Nov 2010



"apakah kalian melihat magnum? di mana?" -- dara the explorer

17 Nov 2010

Begitu sulitnya mendapatkan benda ini tak sebanding dengan betapa cepatnya ia berakhir di perut saya.

Pagi ini, setelah solat Id, saya tidur lagi. Capek banget lah, asli. (Besok saya udah kuliah lagi lho? Ugh-mazing kan?) Pas bangun, sekitar jam 11, Ibu ngajakin jajan mi ayam di Rancasawo. Saya lagi laper banget karna belum makan apa-apa sejak tadi malem. Jadi, meluncurlah saya dan Ibu ke Rancasawo. Dan ternyata mi ayamnya oh-so-delicious! =D

Abis mi ayam, saya tanya ke Ibu "Ke mana lagi sekarang?"

Ibu bilang, "Ke Alfamart aja yuk? Ibu mau beli odol."

"Alfa? Magnum juga yuk?"


Maka, meluncurlah sepasang ibu dan anak itu menuju Alfamart Rancasawo (atau Batu Raden ya? Gak merhatiin namanya.) Tapi, Magnum-nya gak ada.

"Ya udah. Kita coba ke Yomart," kata Ibu.

Maka, meluncurlah sepasang ibu dan anak itu menuju Yomart Grosir Ciwastra. Tapi, Magnum-nya gak ada juga.

Sebenernya saya gak kepengen-kepengen amat sih. Tapi penasaran juga karna susah di cari. Akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk ke Indomaret yang deket Pluto karna kata Ibu kemaren Ibu liat di sana Magnum banyak.

Maka, meluncurlah sepasang ibu dan anak itu menuju Indomaret sebelah Pluto. Tapi, Magnum-nya gak ada juga. What the...??

Saya bilang, "Penasaran, ih! Ayo kita masuk ke Margahayu!"

Maka, meluncurlah sepasang ibu dan anak itu menuju Indomaret Margahayu. Tapi, Magnum-nya gak ada juga.

"Lanjutkan!" kata Ibu.

Maka, meluncurlah sepasang ibu dan anak itu menuju Alfamart Metro 1, Alfamart Metro 2, Yomart Metro, Toserba Griya Metro, Griya Mart Rancabolang, Borma Rancabolang, lalu ke Borma Ciwastra. Tapi, Magnum-nya tetap gak ada lah...

"Kita belum nyobain ke Yomart sama Alfamart yang di Pasir Pogor lho?" kata saya.

"Ya udah deh, kita ke sana," kata Ibu.

Maka, meluncurlah sepasang ibu dan anak itu menuju Pasir Pogor. Tapi, Magnum-nya... Yak! Gak ada!

Pas lagi di Alfamart Pasir Pogor, kami ketemu tetangga, Hafidz & Haris sama ayahnya. Ternyata mereka nyari Magnum juga. Haha! Kami ceritain kalo kami udah ngacak-ngacak Ciwastra, tapi belum nemu juga.

"Udah ke Hypermart MTC?" kata ayah Hafidz.

"Belum. Gak bawa helm, soalnya." (Padahal mah males bayar parkir. Haha!)

Ayah Hafidz dan anak-anaknya pun pergi ke Hypermart, sementara kami yang udah capek masih keukeuh nyari ke Bodogol.

Maka, meluncurlah sepasang ibu dan anak itu menuju Indomaret Bodogol. Tapi... (silahkan isi titik-titik dengan jawaban yang menurutmu paling benar)

"Oke," kata saya. "Terakhir nih. Kita ke Yomart Bodogol. Kalo gak ada juga, udahan aja ah... Capek. Haus."

Maka, meluncurlah sepasang ibu dan anak itu menuju Yomart Bodogol. Dan...


Kami beli 3: untuk saya, untuk Ibu, dan untuk Dewi. Tapi ternyata gak enak-enak amat ya? Coklatnya giung, jadi vanilla-nya gak kerasa. Kapok, ah. Udah mah nyarinya susah, mahal, eh ternyata masih lebih enak Feast yang 3 ribuan dan gampang didapat.

Satu setengah jam, bensin setengah liter, kepanasan, kehausan, semua itu hanya untuk es krim yang ternyata gak enak-enak amat dan dihabiskan hanya dalam waktu kurang dari 5 menit.

my first 5000 km with rosalinda =]

Let me introduce you to Rosalinda, my silly best friend. We've been together since May 19. And a couple of days ago, we reached our first 5000 km together. Yay!

So, here's to another 5000 km of adventure. Cheers! =]


5 things

15 Nov 2010

Hello, people! It's been a while (not really, it's been TOO LONG)

When I first posted my 5 things, I intended to make it a weekly theme. Maybe every Friday, or if I couldn't make it on Fridays, I would make it on weekends. But, yeah, I'm a procastinator and everytime Friday came, I told myself that I'd do it in the afternoon, and then in the night, and then tomorrow, and then the day after tomorrow, and I ended up not making any post at all. I'm ashamed of myself. I can't hold my own words... *cry*

So, inshaAllah this post would be the beginning of my weekly 5 things. This week, I'm going to tell you about my favourite movies =]

1. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

2. Love Actually
3. The Holiday
4. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


5 things i hate tonight

7 Nov 2010

  1. My phone's credit is empty. I tried to reload it. The report said it was successful. It was not. Now I have an empty credit and a less credit balance.
  2. I have Morphosyntax midtest tomorrow and I'm clueless.
  3. People seem don't care that I am currently not in the mood for helping. They keep bothering me with unnecessary things.
  4. I have to sleep without blanket.
  5. I'm just so sick of it all.

my boyfriend and horcruxes: an MLIA moment

2 Nov 2010

As we all know, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming up on Nov 19 (I CAN'T WAIT!) and I'm surely going to watch it twice, or maybe thrice, or any time you guys want to ask me! (I JUST CAN'T WAIT!)

My boyfriend, as sweet as he is, wants me to watch the movie with him. Unfortunately: 1) He's not a hard fan of Harry Potter; 2) He never finishes Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone; 3) He never reads any Harry Potter books; 4) Basically, he doesn't have any idea about the whole story of Harry Potter.

It's my duty to drag him into the magical world. So, today I came to his place and brought Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets DVDs along for us to watch together. Yet, only 3 minutes of Sorcerer's Stone, he decided that he was bored and suggested that he would watch the movies alone. (Yeah, right... *eyes rolled*)

I then changed Sorcerer's Stone with Chamber of Secrets and watched it alone. My boyfriend, having nothing to do, joined me halfway. And then he proceeded to ask me why Voldemort could stay alive through out the series, from book 1 to book 7. So I told him about the horcruxes as some kind of 'memory back-up'.

"He didn't die because a piece of his soul remained in each horcrux. Once all the horcruxes were destroyed, he could be defeated and killed," I said.

"So, if I had a horcrux in a form of a cup, if someone killed me, then I would turn into a cup?" he asked.

"No. You could be beaten or stabbed till you were bleeding, but you wouldn't die. It's because a piece of your soul was still there in a form of a cup. If I destroyed the cup, then I would be able to kill you."

"No. You wouldn't want to kill me."

"Haha! Why wouldn't I wanna kill you?"

"Because I'm your horcrux. There's a piece of your soul inside of me."

And I was like --> (-_-")

He's silly. And I love him =]


being somewhere in between

1 Nov 2010

The results of a quiz say that I am 41% girly. I always know that I'm not really a 'girl', nor am I a tomboy. So, what am I? I'm somewhere in between. Sometimes I like wearing skirts, blouses, flat shoes, dresses, but in another time you may see me wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, jackets. I really can't define myself.

Luckily, people all around me never complain over the way I am. My dad allows me to have short haircut. My mom buys me sneakers. My boyfriends says it's okay as long as I still act like a girl (which I really don't know how :p). My unbiological siblings take advantage of my tomboy's side when it comes to getting rid of spiders or insects.

I'm still 19. Still in college. Still got a plenty of time to define myself. Still got a year left in my teenage life. I'm gonna make the most of it =]