i want to buy myself a mini =[

Today, on my way back home, it suddenly rained and soon the roads got wet, and worse, flooded. I tried to rode my motorcycle as slow as possible to avoid sending the water to other riders. But then all of the sudden a car came in full speed. I got wet in an instant moment =[

I came home with all my clothes wet and my body shaking as if I had gone skinny dipping in the Arctic ocean. I need raincoat, I know. Dad has told me again and again to buy one but he never gives me the money. Perhaps he thinks I could buy it with leaves.

But now another thing has come up to my mind: I need a car. Not the ordinary city car like Jazz or Swift, but something smaller. I need a Morris Mini Cooper!

So tonight I googled it and found out the price range for used Mini. It's 80-100 million rupiah. I'm crying right now :'(

I guess I just gotta stick with my Rosalinda.


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