happy birthday, silly me!

Unlike last year, my birthday this year is pretty quiet. Only several people text me birthday wishes. Well, the number of people who use text message to send birthday wishes are decreasing each year. I got most of them through Facebook (of course. Haha!)

Anyway, my wonderful boyfriend gave me a surprise. Last night, he moved in to a new dorm room. He asked me to come to 'tidy up things and help me arrange the furniture'. I thought "Oh well, okay. I'm going to do such things in my birthday." But when I entered his room, he was holding a mini blueberry cake with two explosive candles on it, the kinds that cannot be blown easily. I had to blow them ten times before they were finally blown out.

He gave me a gift, which was wrapped beautifully, unlike his gift last year :p. And I got a white elephant necklace too from Entin =]


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