[LIFE] Pregnancy Update #2

19 May 2018

Pregnancy Update #2 | Hola Darla
I'm so bad at documenting my pregnancy.

You see those bloggers who look like they have their stuff together, staying pretty while pregnant, taking weekly bump photos, updating their blogs with pregnancy stuff? I'm not one of them. I keep reminding myself to take bump photos, but I guess I'm just too lazy to do that, ha!

So here I am, writing a post titled "Pregnancy Update #2" at 37 weeks & 5 days. It's been 15 weeks since my first update haha!

There have been a lot of changes, of course. The baby already drops, so I'm breathing way more easily now. My due date is still around early June, around 4-5. It's Ramadan now & I'm allowed to fast. It's the third day now & I'm feeling fine. Oh and also, the baby is a girl! She finally showed it at my 32 weeks appointment. Before that, my husband and I were quite sure that we were having a boy based on all the tell-tales we had heard. But I'm so pumped to have a baby girl. Can't wait to wear matching outfits with her ;)

Seeing that my due date is only about 2 weeks away, I guess this will be the last pregancy update from me. I'll probably be back with the birth announcement in the next post! xx

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[TIPS] Ramadan Ekstra: Belanja Hemat Selama Ramadan di Tokopedia*

10 May 2018

Belanja Hemat Selama Ramadan di Tokopedia | Hola Darla
Alhamdulillah yaa gak kerasa Ramadan udah di depan mata. Ramadan kali ini  bakal jadi Ramadan luar biasa buat aku dan suami, karna insyallah di pertengahan Ramadan ini kami akan resmi menyandang gelar Ibu dan Ayah! Sedikit deg-degan juga nih karna sebelumnya emang gak pernah menjalani Ramadan dalam keadaan hamil. Jadinya Ramadan kali ini bakal jadi Ramadan Ekstra: ekstra ibadahnya, ekstra juga belanjanya (karna kan harus nyiapin keperluan buat si Ramadhana Kecil juga, hehehehe...)

Nah, berhubung perut udah semakin membesar dan mobilitas udah semakin terbatas, belanja online jadi pilihan terbaik buatku. Dan di mana lagi belanja online yang mantep buat Ramadan Ekstra kalo bukan di situs e-commerce langganan tercinta: Tokopedia! Eh tapi kalian suka ngerasa gak sih kalo selama Ramadan itu kita cenderung suka lebih boros dari biasanya? Kadang kita suka 'laper mata' dan kalap belanja, apalagi kalo belanjanya belanja online. Kadang suka enak aja main klik 'tambahkan ke keranjang', eh taunya pas checkout jeng jeng jeng~ over budget (atau aku doang nih yang kayak gini? Hahahaha!)

Untuk Ramadan Ekstra tahun ini, aku sebisa mungkin mau menerapkan tips belanja online hemat kebutuhan bulan Ramadan Ekstra di Tokopedia seperti berikut ini:

[THOUGHTS] The Kind of Friendship We All Need

3 May 2018

The Kind of Friendship We All Need | Hola Darla
It seems like we have come to an agreement over the premise that as we grow old, we tend to have smaller group of friends. It's true—well, at least for me. The difference between the friendship I had in high school and uni and the one I have right now is about 15:4. That is a huge difference.

It's inevitable, though. As a freelancer, I don't have work friends. My neighbourhood only consists of two families (the rest of the houses on our block are vacant): one family is a mother with a second grader daughter and the other one is rarely home. I have small exchanges with them quite often, but that is it. Just small talks for hospitality. I used to have quite a big girl gang in high school, but we only talk irregularly in a group chat nowadays. And then I've found out that we've grown to become people with different views and interests. I'm no longer comfortable around them. My uni friends are all busy: one is a working mother, one is teaching in another city, and one is working remotely for an overseas company.

And me? I'm huge and clumsy due to my pregnancy.

And friendship should be maintained. Like any other kind of relationships, friendship needs efforts from all parties involved.

Therefore, whenever I have a chance to see them, I'll go. Even if it's only for a sushi dinner, or a movie, or just a quick visit to see their cats.

I'm lucky to still have friends who can be seen in an instant. Just a text "Infinity War this Wednesday?" and "Let's go!" and then off we go.

I believe that's the kind of friendship we all need.

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