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23 May 2017

With the exams season over and the finals week not starting until next month, I've been pretty much unemployed right now. In order to tone down my reading-craze a bit, I've been watching quite a lot of TV shows. Here are four TV shows I'm currently obsessed with:

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A mutual on Tumblr got super obsessed with this show that he couldn't stop reblogging all Brooklyn Nine-Nine gifsets. I kept seeing the gifsets that I finally got sick of them and decided to watch the show. I got hooked instantly. This show is so hilarious! It tells the story of a detective squad from the 99th precinct of NYPD. They are all good detectives with unique personalities. Police procedural has always been my favourite genre, and with almost all my fave police shows already got canceled (Motive, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, etc.) this comedy has become #1 on my list.

2. Superstore

Superstore is a workplace comedy set in a hypermarket called Cloud9. I've never worked in retail. but from what I've read working retail can be very stressful. Superstore tells the comedic side of said stressful job. It also makes fun of the corporate and how badly they treat their employees. Season 2 was concluded earlier this month with a tragic episode which is a mixture of hilarious and heartbreaking.

3. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This show has always been on my list of favourite TV shows, although I have mixed feeling about it. The first half of this season (the Ghost Rider arc) was very boring and I stopped watching at episode 6. But then I decided to start watching again near the end of the season and I must say that the second half of the season (the crazy robot aka LMD aka AIDA arc) is fantastic! I feel that the show has drifted too far away from the whole MCU, but the last scene in the season finale (is it a cliffhanger, I'm not sure) hinted that perhaps the next season will have a direct link to the upcoming Infinity War? Let's just see.

4. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

I know a lot of people hate Keeping Up with the Kardashians (and the family altogether), but it's a show that's so ridiculous that you can get so attached to it, get it? Hahah... I hadn't really watched this show, but a few months ago E! Channel aired a marathon of season 12 right before season 13 premiered and I can't stop watching since. I like them, they're kind of funny.

There are several series already on my list that I haven't started watching yet (e.g. Sense8, Iron Fist, etc.) and there are also series premiering their new seasons next month. But Ramadan is starting in 3 days so I'm very conflicted between watching these shows or devoting myself to ibadah hahahaha :p

What are your favourite TV shows?

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20 May 2017

Dara (@darlaoct) on Instagram
The wet season has finally ended abruptly, and just like that, the dry season starts. We haven't had rain for almost a week now. It's very common every year that the rain suddenly stops when Ramadan arrives. We'll start the fasting month about a week from now. The beginning of the month is also a four day weekend so the traffic in Bandung is going to be waaayy more crowded. But hey, at least it's going to be fun. It's Ramadan!
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Speaking of which, I've been doing this campaign for Bearbrand on my Instagram account. Check it out!

Aside of that, life has been pretty much the same as usual: reading, tutoring, binge watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (more of that coming soon on a blog post), some more reading, rinse and repeat. My orders from Book Depository came yesterday and I'm going to read even more. This craziness hasn't stopped. I'm done with my 2017 Reading Challenge earlier this month. I've become a monster hahahaha!
Dara (@darlaoct) on Instagram
Dara (@darlaoct) on Instagram
Also, I've been avoiding the news, especially on Twitter. The world is crazy. My country is crazy. It seems like everything triggers my anxiety. I've been spending more time on Tumblr instead, reblogging cat videos and memes (are we friends there?). Someday I'm going to toughen up and face the world, but today is not that day.
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Anyone feeling the same?

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

11 May 2017

Due to me and my husband living in different cities now, it has become quite hard for us to go to movie premieres. I had planned to go visit him on the premiere day of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 so we could watch together, but life happened and we ended up watching it on the weekend. It was fine, though, because our country got to see the movie earlier than most of other countries (including the US), so I still think that's a win(?)

So anyway... In this second installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the team is already fully established as 'the guardians'. At the beginning of the movie, they are on a mission of protecting the Sovereign's batteries from a monster who is trying to stole them. They succeed and in turn of their service, the Sovereign hand Nebula over to them. She had become a prisoner after trying to steal the batteries. The Guardians then flee, but unbeknownst to the rest of them, Rocket stole some of the batteries. On their way home, they are attacked by the Sovereign's fleet but they are saved by a stranger. Turns out, the stranger is Peter Quill's estranged father, Ego the Living Planet. He asks Peter to come home with him to his planet. Peter is skeptic at first, but Gamora convinces him, so Peter, Gamora, and Drax go with Ego while Rocket, Baby Groot, and Nebula are left to fix their broken ship. The Sovereign is still looking for them and they recruit Yondu and his crew to find the Guardians. But then Yondu's crew betray him and a mutiny breaks out. Yondu, Rocket, Baby Groot, and Kraglin (one of Yondu's loyal men) team up to escape, while the rest of the Guardians find out who Ego really is and what he really wants.

While Volume 2 is not a huge disappointment, I honestly still like Volume 1 much better. This movie suffers from the 'personal story' syndrome, something that has become quite a trend lately (I read about it somewhere but can't find the link to the article). The visual effects, the jokes, and the characters are perfect, but the story is a little bit off. Also, I haven't read any Guardians of the Galaxy comic books, but I've read in a forum discussion that Peter Quill's father in the comic books is not Ego the Living Planet, so maybe I should find out why the writer decided so. And I'm very curious how the Guardians will fit in the upcoming Avengers movie! Anybody else feels the same way?

All in all, I'm giving this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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